Benefits of Executive Coaching

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Develop and Strengthen Your Skills as a Top-Performing Leader and Manager

Our work together will:

  • awaken your emotional intelligence,
  • help you manage your work and life relationships, and
  • teach you healthy and effective methods to regulate stress.

The end result is a happier, healthier and more effective work and personal life.

Coaching is Forward-Looking: Identify Goals and Build a Road to Success

Coaching is not mental health therapy.   Traditional therapy focuses on the past and how it affects your behavior today.   We will not do that in coaching.   Instead, we will identify your goals and build a road to success for the future.

Coaching Helps You Get Your Next Promotion: Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

Studies have shown that executives with greater emotional intelligence are more likely to be

Studies have shown that executives with greater emotional intelligence are more likely to be promoted.
promoted.   Emotional intelligence separates the most effective leaders from all the rest. To be sure, intelligence and technical skills matter. But, once you have the basic required intelligence to be an executive in your field, emotional intelligence skills differentiate the top performers.

Coaching Helps You to Deal with Company Politics and Stay Focused

Like any profession, rising executives must learn to navigate company politics and difficult relationships.   Staying motivated, engaged and energized is difficult when you are working with other executives who do not have the best communication skills or are not appreciating your contributions.   First, you have to define and recognize your goals and then develop productive ways to interact with a difficult leader or colleague.   You need to figure out how to keep your “ego” in check and drive toward your goals.   In coaching, we will look at new ways to approach and interact with difficult people and situations and get you focused on how to best achieve your goals.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence skills focus on how well we manage our relationships and ourselves.

Research by Psychologist, Daniel Goleman,  shows that emotionally intelligent executives are more likely to be promoted than their less gifted colleagues. Emotional intelligence is cited as the main reason for their effectiveness.

Coaching Hones Emotional Intelligence

Coaching is an excellent way to develop your emotional intelligence skills. In our coaching relationship, we pin point and measure your areas of strength and potential areas of improvement.   You can strengthen areas where you are strong and look for areas where you can enhance your skills.   The C-Suite executives recognize and appreciate colleagues and aspiring executives who have developed and utilize their emotional intelligence.

Additional Benefits of Coaching

Our work together can help you be a better leader, colleague, and manager in many ways.

Coaching Makes You a More Effective Leader and Manager

Coaching helps you to become a more effective leader and manager by focusing on what is important, and managing yourself and your team more effectively.   Coaching can help you to:

  • Establish realistic goals and achieve them on time.
  • Set goals properly so that you are focusing on the important issues rather than just working on the task at hand.
  • Counsel and transition out low performing employees.
  • Develop more effective presentation skills.
  • Run effective meetings within the allotted time.
  • Manage employees to top performance and on budget.
  • Enhance communication skills, including the proper use of assertiveness.
  • Provide effective feedback without being offensive.
  • Transition to a new position or organization.
  • Hone your emotional intelligence skills.
  • Deliver better client service within your organization.
  • Motivate your team to achieve greater productivity.
  • Create and maintain better relationships with colleagues.

Coaching Helps You Manage Stress

Coaching also helps you manage stress in more healthy ways. A good executive coach can help you to:

  • Figure out how to prioritize your work and home tasks.
  • Create a better work-life balance.
  • Develop more effective time management skills.
  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Manage yourself and others better under stress.
  • Take time to eat well and work out.
  • Learn about effective and healthy stress management techniques.
Case Study: How A Lack of Emotional Intelligence Loses Respect
I have seen executives who lack strong emotional intelligence act in ways that have turned off other C-Suite executives and they weren’t even aware. Many executives think that they are giving an impressive performance, when they might actually be too emotional or not enthusiastic enough. Being ready for a new position with greater responsibilities requires you to hone your emotional intelligence. You must be able to play the part both technically and emotionally. I once worked with an executive who was promoted to a senior executive position because she was smart, well focused and delivered. Yet, she failed miserably in her new position and was forced to retire from the company. The reason: she was unprepared for the new job, could not handle the stress and failed to behave like a senior executive in meetings. The other executives lost respect for her because she would argue with them in an overly emotional manner at executive committee meetings, yell at her staff when they did not perform as hoped and speak about other executives in a negative manner when they were not present. In a nutshell, the other executives lost respect for her and she failed.

Of course, executives need to be accomplished and smart. Those attributes are the minimum qualifications, but they are not enough to succeed.   What will set you apart is understanding how to navigate the complex environment of the C-Suite and how to handle stressful situations calm and in control.   That requires knowing when to talk and knowing when to listen.   It also requires that you understand how to be assertive without being offensive or overly emotional.   In other words, it takes emotional intelligence.

To be happy and healthy in your career, you need to develop and fine-tune your stress management skills.

We all can improve the way we manage our relationships and ourselves. That’s where coaching can help. I am in the Washington, DC area.  I can help you develop your emotional intelligence, deal with stress better and  achieve that promotion. 
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