How Coaching Benefits Government Agencies & Officials

Strengthen Your Skills as a Top Performing Leader

Coaching can help you develop and strengthen your skills as a top performing leader and

Government leaders and managers work in a unique environment that has its own set of rules. To be effective, you must learn to use the resources available to you and respect the unique limitations that are not present in the private sector.
manager within Government.   Government leaders and managers work in a unique environment that has its own set of rules. To be effective, you must learn to use the resources available to you and respect the unique limitations that are not present in the private sector.   You also will be working in a fishbowl with everyone watching your actions.   This creates unique stresses.

Coaching is different from mental health therapy.   Traditional therapy focuses on the past and how it affects your behavior today.  Coaching is present and future centered. We identify your goals and build a road to success for the future.

Our work together will enhance your emotional intelligence when managing government employees, help you manage your work and life relationships, and teach you healthy and effective methods to regulate stress. The end result is a happier, healthier and more effective work and personal life.

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You Need To Understand Government To Be Successful

In my years in government service, I have seen many new political appointees come into government using the leadership and management skills that they learned in the private sector.   These new arrivals can be ineffective because they fail to understand the government workforce and what motivates them.   They also may not appreciate the role of inspectors generals, the press and others watching their actions.

Coaching Helps You Manage Government Teams

Even with the additional limitations in government, I found effective ways to manage government employees and achieve results under the most stressful of situations.  As a government manager, you need to appreciate the special employment rules, ethical restrictions and limitations on the use of government funds and resources.   Coaching can help you develop an effective management “toolbox” that takes these unique circumstances into account.

Our coaching relationship also will take advantage of the many benefits available to you in the public sector.

  • One great benefit of managing employees in the government is that they are not working in government just for the money.
  • Most government employees that I have worked with are hard working and focused on helping the public good.
  • This focus on the public interest is a great motivator for many employees and understanding this will help you to be successful and develop a strong legacy.

Coaching Helps You to Deal with Burnout and Stay Focused

Government leaders and managers suffer from burnout because of the long hours and the significance of the issues that they are handling on a daily basis.   Staying motivated, engaged and energized is difficult when you are working long hours and under stress.

I learned this first-hand when I was working as the Acting General Counsel of the Treasury Department during the financial markets crisis. First, you have to recognize that you are suffering from fatigue due to the long hours and incredible demands and then, develop healthy ways to get re-energized and re-focused.   Coaching will help you look at new ways to restart your engine and get revitalized to excel in your government work and your personal life.

Coaching Helps New Political Appointees Be Effective Quickly

You may be a new political appointee who has never worked in government before.   Coaching can help you to learn to manage effectively within the special limitations placed on government employees.   For example:

  • There are special ethics rules that do not allow you to obtain gifts from entities in the private sector, including meals and receptions.
  • You also have a very limited ability to provide additional financial rewards to your employees.

In our coaching sessions, I can help you to navigate the restrictions and implement incentives that are effective in the government and work to your best advantage.  If you want to create a powerful legacy for change, I can help.

Coaching Makes You A More Effective Leader And Manager

Coaching helps you to become a more effective leader and manager by focusing on what is important, and managing yourself and your team more effectively.   Coaching can help you:

  • Establish realistic goals and achieve them on time.
  • Set goals properly so that you are focusing on the important issues rather than just working on the task brought to you.
  • Confront and resolve a crisis before it hits the press.
  • Counsel and transition out low performing employees.
  • Develop more effective presentation skills.
  • Run effective meetings within the allotted time.
  • Manage employees to top performance.
  • Enhance communication skills, including the proper use of assertiveness.
  • Provide effective feedback without being offensive.
  • Hone your emotional intelligence skills.
  • Deliver better client service within your agency.
  • Motivate your team to achieve greater productivity.
  • Create and maintain better relationships with other agencies, the White House, the Government Accountability Office, your Inspector General and the private sector.

Coaching Helps You Manage Stress

Coaching also helps you manage stress in more healthy ways. Coaching can help you:

  • Figure out how to prioritize your work and home tasks.
  • Create a better work-life balance.
  • Develop more effective time management skills.
  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Manage yourself and others better under stress.
  • Take time to eat well and exercise.
  • Learn about effective and healthy stress management techniques.

To be happy and healthy in your career, you need to develop and fine-tune your stress management skills.

We all can improve the way we manage our relationships and ourselves. That’s where coaching can help.  I can help you develop your management and leadership skills within the constraints imposed on government operations.
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