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Please use this contact form below to set up a meeting with me.  But before you

do, here is some information about how and where I provide services.

Inside the Washington, DC Area

My office is located at

1724 20th St., NW
Washington, DC 20009
“2 Blocks to the Dupont Metro”

My individual coaching sessions run 50 minutes per session.

It is best to meet initially in person, if you can.   If you are in DC, we can meet at your office or mine.   I often meet in a firm or corporate conference room.   We also can meet for follow-up sessions on the phone.

If You Are Outside Washington, DC

If you are outside of the Washington, DC area, we can meet initially on the phone to see if distance coaching will work for you or whether another alternative might be more suitable.   All options are available including Skype or Face Time.   The telephone works great for follow-up sessions to save time and expense, if we can meet initially in person.   Washington, DC is a great place to visit, so you might consider an initial meeting while on a business trip or vacation.

After our initial series of sessions, we can have short follow-up sessions for 15 minutes to resolve a discrete or emergency issue.   I am always available.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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