Yearly Life Goals Review

How Coaching Can Help You Take Stock In Your Life

Coaching can help you look at your personal and professional goals on an annual basis to make certain that you are on the right course.   I recommend an annual “Life Goals Review.”   The annual review is a brief and highly-focused process. This coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to plan for the future and make certain that he or she is on the right track to achieve his or her short- and long-term goals.

Coaching is not mental health therapy.   Traditional therapy focuses on the past and how it affects your behavior today.   We will not do that in coaching.   Instead, we will identify your goals and build a road to success for the future.


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We Can Make Certain That You Are On “Your” Right Path

Among the issues that we can cover are:

  • creating a vision for the future,
  • establishing short- and long-term priorities,
  • identifying your personal, career and financial goals, and
  • developing a plan to achieve your goals and measure your success.

Together we can make certain that you have identified the right goals for you and have a realistic and thoughtful plan for success.

Goals Change and You Need to be Adaptive

Setting annual goals is not a static event. Life events change priorities and you have to be adaptive to be successful.
Events during the year can cause some goals to be postponed and others to be accelerated.   Setting annual goals is not a static event.   Life events change priorities and you have to be adaptive to be successful.   We will identify the potential triggers that may require you to modify your goals.   I can help you with this.

How Does A Life Goals Review Work?

Coaching for your annual goals is accomplished in a limited number of sessions, generally three.

The First Meeting:

In the first meeting we talk generally about your goals and prioritize them.   You need to know which goals are most important and the consequences for achieving or not achieving a goal.

The Second Meeting:

At our next meeting, we work together to refine your goals and develop a proposed action plan for achieving them. We also work together to develop milestones for success, recognizing that goals are achieved one step at a time. The action plan includes each of the intermediary steps needed to meet your goals.

The Third Meeting:

At the third meeting, we go over the goals and the game plan for achieving them.   It’s important that you are comfortable with your goals and the milestones for achieving them.   Both need to be realistic based upon all of the demands in your life.   Success builds success; we want to plan a road of successes that lead to the achievement of your long-term goals.

With your permission, I will check in on you during the year to see how you are doing and if you need any help or need to reevaluate your goals.

What Does An Action Plan Look Like?

Each year in December, I plan for my next year and set up my life goals.   You can establish goals at any time during the year—You don’t have to wait for December.   I revise the plan as I go through the year.   I divide my goals in three groups:

  • career,
  • personal and
  • financial.

I also establish milestones for achievement of my goals. Here’s a sample:

Chart of Goals for 2016
Sample Life Goals Review
We all can improve the way we manage our goals and aspirations. That’s where coaching can help. I am in the Washington, DC area.  I can help you develop a one-year plan that can move you on the path to your most important goals.
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